Soft Launch Exclusive Artworks

If you're looking for something easy, try one of our designer-curated framed artworks that can be displayed on anywhere and give you an instant style upgrade.

Each piece has its own distinctive style, yet come together beautifully as a gallery wall, on its own, or as a part of your collection.

calm & serene

Neutral Art

There is something to be said for artwork that doesn't try to make a statement. Artwork that is simply beautiful, without any hidden agenda. That's why we love a neutral. Create a calming sancturary wherever you are, with these neutral artworks.

Character & Charm

Vintage Portraits

Vintage portraits are a great way to bring personality and style into your home. These pieces will add a touch of old-world charm and elegance whereever they're placed. Lean them against a larger abstract art or a mirror for a collected look. Or, hang them by themselves as an accent piece.