The Case for Neutrals: Why Every Home Needs a Neutral Landscape Art Piece

We get it, you're drawn to color. You're not alone. In a world where we crave stimulation, it's no wonder we're drawn to the bright and bold. But sometimes, in design, it pays to go against the grain. And that's why we're making the case for neutral landscape art. Here's why every home needs a piece...

First let's talk about why neutral?

Neutrality is Timeless

One of the best things about neutrals is that they never go out of style. You don't have to worry about your landscape art falling victim to the ever-changing trends. No matter what direction design takes, you can be confident your piece will fit right in. And if you do ever get tired of it, all you need is a new frame to give it a whole new look!

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Neutrality is versatile

Like we said, sometimes it pays to go against the grain. And in design, that means incorporating different styles and elements to create something unique. A neutral landscape piece can provide the perfect contrast in a room full of pattern or act as a serene backdrop for more vibrant pieces. The possibilities are endless!

Neutrality is calming

Whether you live in a hectic city or a quiet suburb, we could all use a little calm in our lives. A study by psychologists at the University of Toronto found that viewing nature scenes (like landscapes) can help reduce stress and anxiety. So not only is landscape art aesthetically pleasing, but it can also have positive effects on your mental health!

Now that we hope we've convinced you of the merit of neutrality as a color palette, let's talk about the subject: landscape

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Landscape Art Brings the Outside In

In today's world, we are spending more time than ever indoors. And while there are many benefits to indoor living, it's important to find ways to bring the outside in. One way to do this is with landscape art. A well-chosen piece of landscape art can transport you to another place and help you forget, at least for a moment, that you're stuck inside.

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Landscape Art is Calming

We could all use a little more calm in our lives and what better way to achieve that than by surrounding yourself with serene images of nature. Studies have shown that looking at nature scenes can help lower stress levels and blood pressure. So if you’re ever feeling frazzled, take a quick break to admire your landscape artwork and you’ll be feeling zen in no time.

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Neutral Landscape Art Go With Everything

Yes, EVERYTHING...If you’re worried that your bold furniture choices or vibrant wall colors might clash with a landscape piece, don’t be! The beauty of neutral landscape art is that they literally go with all styles. No matter your style, there’s a perfect landscape art piece out there for you.